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In 1992, enthusiasm in the Taipei performances and chaos of the kicked off performances in Japan.
the... The customer did not enter. This story became the cornerstone of Tang dynasty from then only
to be sealed as not.
missed audience and new customers become hooked for life now.
betelnut Zhu or seal has been opened here again!

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Kuboi lab. / Takashi Tsuji Gen / Fujii, Quaternary / Akamatsu Yumi / Okada Satoru ichi / South t. Chapter / Shimizu Kohei / Fukumoto Yuki / Kawai Yuichiro / Fukuoka Hara potassium / other / all 原徳 Union / Oshima-Jin / shigemura, Daisuke (Tang seminar??) and Kumano, Shinya (Tang seminar!)


Work: juro Kara, Director: kuboi, juro


2017/5/6 (Sat) 〜2017/6/11 (Sun)

* Instruction for performing
[zoshigaya, hariti performances]
5/21 (Sunday) 19:00
5/26 (Friday) 19:00
5/28 (Sunday) 19:00
each eight or nine names total 26 people

* doors open starting 30 minutes before
* admission tickets (advance tickets and redemption) and day tickets are 2:00 PM issued by the reception will be. Please refrain from non-
* separate infant toddler admission.

★ Shinjuku, Hanazono shrine concert (more website performance)
5/6 (Saturday) 7 (Sunday) / 12 (Friday) 13 (Saturday) 14 (Sunday)
6/3 (Saturday) 4, (Sunday) / 9, (Friday) 10, (Saturday) 11 (Sunday)
* 4/29/2017-6/24, Osaka, Nagano and Yamanashi performances.

Ticket Fee

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+ Ticketing Fee


Zoshigaya. zoshigaya kishimojin


[Arrangement number voucher]
day, 14:00 from reception admission ticket and your Exchange for please. If you are
numbering. Please be forewarned.

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