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male ForestA concert in the Prince schedule!
4/7 (Friday) 10:00-on sale! BS NTV's

ForestA (BS Japan, heart song BS NTV, weekly Monday night 9:00 broadcasting) in is a familiar chorus group.
song bet never-ending dream

members are all graduated from the music, is a group of young men who were very serious. established as a regular

Japan's great culture and cultural 歌i継gu the theme of the song heart of BS Japan
to cast experience for many, it still continues.

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Kaoru of Sawada / shinba mikito / Shinichi Yokoyama and Shingo shioiri Koji Imai syunsuke / Kawamura Akihito / Ono Takashi / piano: nagumo Aya and Midori Yoshino, Yamamoto Kaori, child / Moderator: Ishikawa, Makiko / *: performers subject to change.


Concept, direction: 1, Hiroyuki


2017/6/26 (Mon)

6/26 (Monday)
start 14:00 (opening 13:30)

Ticket Fee

S-seats: 5500 Yen:
A-seats 4500 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

* [wheelchair seating, with attendance of seats], please
confetti ticket Center (03-6228-1630)
please contact us.
(which is limited to serve * your seat number. )
+ Ticketing Fee


North and PIA, Sakura Hall


* Preschool admission non-
* cast is subject to change.

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