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it's a certain future Tokyo. be found after the explosion incident of unknown cause occurred in
Shinjuku City, strange flowers.
a beautiful flower and breeding large at a phenomenal pace, eventually did cover the Central Shinjuku.
flowers-" " harm flowers (hazard / flower); and called-by blocked Shinjuku City stopped the connection with the outside world.
harm flowers, humans, or even subspecies of the carnivorous plants and nutrients, which left many people dropped their lives. But only girls of a certain age, affected by the harm flowers complement was never eaten.
" Shinjuku large garden "

girls who are kept alive here.


red Cape Clare ash village Yukino & 白寄 Hina's childhood friend.
to do anything together, but Claire and Yukino chicks more than just friends feelings toward.

one day, three of them going out to play in Shinjuku, but Claire and Yukino become hassle in town.
chick tried to intercede, near an explosion. Chicks caught in front of the eyes of two people lost their lives.

then 5 years later. They lived in the great gardens of Shinjuku.
harm flowers bring a 'shift' ability to use and busy daily life for Claire, Yukino goes out for pandering.


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★ ☆ to draw lines on the chicks would have died ago the two appeared ★ ☆
acceptance period: April 1, (Saturday) 10: 00 ~ April 5th, (Wednesday) 23:59 ?Lottery closed?
results announcements: 4/7 (Friday) ?results email sent?
ticketing period:
-credit card: 4/11 (Tuesday) 10:00-until the day of the performance argument can be
-eleven settlements: 4/7 (Friday) after the election notice-4/11 (Tuesday) 23:59

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Screenplay, direction: pale] crystals (fragment edge)


2017/5/17 (Wed) 〜2017/5/21 (Sun)

5/17 (Wednesday) 19:00
5/18 (Thursday) 14:00 / 19:00
5/19 (Friday) 19:00
5/20 (Saturday) 14:00 / 19:00
5/21 (Sunday) 12:00 / 16:00
* opening, starting 30 minutes before.

Ticket Fee

SS seat: 8500 Yen * rewards exclusive bromide set (and random cast 10 cast autographed at random):
s: 6500 Yen:
a: 5000 Yen
* amounts are all tax

+ Ticketing Fee


Theatre Sun Mall


* Preschool children will be refused. Please note that the
* performers and performance schedules are subject change without notice. wo除kimashite
* canceled, refunds are not under any circumstances whatsoever. Ticket resale activities in the
* commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Please note that the ticket was purchased by routes other than the regular sales for any matters not.

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