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Ancient Roman wind of yamataikoku and review fantastic "Sante!!" -The finest wines to you ~ Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre


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ancient Roman
"yamatai of wind '
made-Director / village dawn
many small States, was constantly being waged battle ancient Japan. And get that fertile land is true country among WA Union central to well-managed fertile territory had larger forces behind the conflict over and over again against was up to come. Learn to fight to survive Takehiko
young parents killed dog country of soldiers, to wear them. From the manna that Takehiko helped a girl named Mana, being attacked by a dog guy soldiers hear God's voice "we out long ago swore to meet, once again parted" and informed. And it was decided to accept the peaceful life of the people to protect the Priestess becomes Mana says Takehiko became army of yamatai and to bring peace in this country. Mana eventually received a position of high Priestess are given named Himiko, Queen of yamataikoku. Sekii Kazuo reminiscent Mana became the existence of unreachable. But because of an incident in the wake the two again phase would look.
tomorrow sea Rio, magnificent historical fantasy of 喼: new top Combi delivering mainly.

reviews and fantastic
"Sant & # 233;!!"
-the finest wines to you ~

film / director / Fujii, Daisuke
"Sant & # 233; ' And, in France, see cheers!! " Of the mind. Wine is loved all over the world. I want drunk to enjoy the wine as if personality rich and beautiful ornate Takarazuka stage. Images of graceful, elegant wine is the Takarazuka Revue itself as. It is a city filled with dreams, love and romance on the stage "dreams seen drinking wine" theme to bring you creations. Tomorrow Cri review gives off aroma and adult atmosphere, approaching each new charm.

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Sea tomorrow Rio / 喼: world / other



2017/7/28 (Fri) `2017/8/27 (Sun)

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8/2 (Wednesday) 13:30
8/10 (Thursday) 13:30
8/15 (Tuesday) 18:30
8/18 (Friday) 13:30
8/23 (Wednesday) 13:30

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