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"dealt with the human soul masterpiece" and told the times, such as Sarah Bernhardt, Helen Mirren, actress who played a historical masterpiece.
to the monument and France's leading Ohtake Shinobu and the ability of actors who challenge!

This got them from Greece tragedy of the three great poets of ancient Greece Euripides ' hippolytos France dramatist Jean Racine, raised, is a 17th-century France literature monumental masterpiece. Irresistible destructive passion based on representing the bright lines draw women toward tragedy, a mythical world, "dealt with the human soul masterpiece" is a historical masterpiece told the times, such as Sarah Bernhardt, Helen Mirren, actress who played.
this historic masterpiece, Shinobu OTAKE Kohei Takehiro, kadowaki wheat, Tanida, Mariko Saito, now has the decision to cast Fujii Saki Yuri Kimura Yoshiko, Kiyotaka Imai, from the young to the talented actor plays a theatrical big-time. 4/2017, cast of we will deliver!

stage is Greece-Peloponnesus peninsula town Thoresen. Was trying to locate the missing Athens King Taiz? (Imai Kiyotaka) son ippolit (flat Takehiro) country to leave.
on the other hand, is the wife of Taiz? Racine (Shinobu OTAKE) had fallen into the disease. Passion for the shining nobility and youth kikidasu cause nurses worried about Pano p (Yoshiko Kimura), and lost to her husband while retaining vestiges of her husband, stepchildren Ippolito to confess and giving herself up.
suffering at the end of the Racine confide their love to his son-in-law. But is Ippolito's mind rebelled at Taiz? Athens Royal daughter Alice (kadowaki wheat). Ippolito to reject feelings of Racine. In Taiz? suddenly return.

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Shinobu OTAKE / Takehiro Kohei kadowaki wheat / Tanida step Mariko Saito eh / Fujii Saki Sato and Kimura green Yuko / Kiyotaka Imai


Written by Jean Racine / translation: iwakiri, Shoichiro / Director: Kuriyama


2017/4/8 (Sat) 〜2017/4/30 (Sun)

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4/12 (Wednesday) 18:30
4/14 (Friday) 18:30
4/19 (Wednesday) 18:30
4/21 (Friday) 18:30
4/26 (Wednesday) 18:30
4/28 (Friday) 18:30

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