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4/23 (Sunday) 10:00-general sale!

Ryoko yonekura, the long-awaited comeback! premium performance in a
NY, Broadway, and Tokyo!

to 11 last year from the premiere of the NY Broadway (BW) celebrates 20 years, as the United States works successive number one hits, 34 473 city, 12 languages and countries staged mega-hit musical "Chicago". Scandalous Cinderella story based on the true story of Vanity Fair by miraculously gave birth to the sympathy of the people, dressed in sexy outfits embody the song set, such as all that jazz, musical numbers and the genius Bob Fosse choreography top-notch dancers that has captivated audiences around the world. Come back to Chicago, yonekura Ryoko in this work with a BW debut in 2012, 2017, boils down to the anniversary year! In the special performances of the American company in July, served as Roxie Hart role in BW, to Japan in August, still starring.

also visit cast lawyer Billy Flynn and greatest Velma Kelly and honor Amra-Faye Wright BW played in the years the actor played the original Phantom in "Phantom of the Opera" Las Vegas Edition Brent Barrett! Long-awaited premium performance is enhanced and revitalized!

Tony R best revival-musical award, a 11/2016 last year celebrated its 20th anniversary hits on Broadway in "Chicago". As America (Broadway) boasts a successive number one hits, received praise for the Tony Award for R6, Laurence Olivier Awards-R2, Grammy Award R, and thousands of standing ovations. And whatever
1920s Jazz heyday era, Chicago, Illinois. In the prison who is imprisoned former nightclub killed had overlapping adulterous husband and sister Diva Velma Kelly comes face. Her name is Roxy Hart. It's killing her lover throw themselves are tired of dull husband Amos singer applicant married Roxy Fred Keithley. Hired Billy outdone and Roxie Velma had been a star as unscrupulous talented lawyer Billy Flynn on media attention to, and use of mass media, becoming instant media darling as the "heroine of a tragedy" in defense. Roxy seek the spotlight for long anywhere? The revenge of Velma and her feuding? Battle wagered the fame of two women and one man will kick off now, „Ÿ „Ÿ.

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Roxie Hart: yonekura Ryoko / Velma Kelly: Amra-Faye Wright and Billy Flynn: Brent Barrett and others (American company)



2017/8/2 (Wed) `2017/8/13 (Sun)

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8/11 (Fri / Mon) 12:30 / 18:00
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8/13 (Sunday) 12:30

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