Shiraku of thats entertainment part2
19 performance of the Danny rose of downtown 'unhappy families'


Performance content

self-defense star
tears of friendship comedy

self-defense during the right-wing and the
friendship comedy.
isaburo's wife of the self defense forces in scramble two.
the result, isaburo's wife was died a few years later.
Tiger came to marry another woman and even a divorce, did not work well. And daughter separated from State.
the isaburo was thinking remarried and young daughter.
only girl that was separated from Tiger's daughter. The ending of this magical triangle!
is the revival of family misfortune last year called the great reputation with a new cast.
a one-man play "misery isaburo another story. at

* all times will probably want narrated the storyteller.

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Tachikawa will probably Morro nurse Oka River on hemp maiko / to Theo grounds only / zennji / Takayuki Kobori (two gun) / Akihiko Hara / contain the KODA friend seen / hase kawana dancing Sun / Ueno G-



2017/5/12 (Fri) 〜2017/5/21 (Sun)

* Probably will at all times the narrated storyteller
5/12 (Friday) 19:00 of merchant insect
5/13 (Saturday) 13:30 Kim ming bamboo
5/13 (Saturday) 18:00 Greens
5/14 (Sunday) 13:30 Cha
5/14 (Sunday) 18:00 Billboard pin
5/15 (Monday) 19:00 length
5/16 (Tuesday) 14:30 Chiku
5/16 (Tuesday) 19:00 be short-lived
5/17 (Wednesday) 19:00 liquor store
5/18 (Thursday) 14:30: d near
5/18 (Thursday) 19:00 eyes
5/19 (Friday) 19:00 parent-child alcohol
5/20 (Saturday) 13:30 Beau, yawning Komachi
5/20 (Saturday) 18:00 guide
5/21 (Sunday) 13:30 Kettle
* opening is the start 30 minutes earlier.

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Advance tickets: 5000 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

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