-Juju en-special - snack JUJU arena tour 2017 [see Saitama Super Arena]


Performance content

song takes "snack JUJU & #12316; Request & #12316 of the night;" To celebrate the release the of
'snack JUJU"across the country!

at 10/2016 takes "Request" series 3 "snack JUJU & #12316; Request & #12316 of the night;" JUJU was released.
takes as 2 years and now made, Seiji kameda, has introduced JUJU and numerous hits so far luxury producers such as Ken Shima, Masanori Shimada, Tsutomu Takebe Satoshi, and Akihisa Matsuura and due to popular songs of the ' 80s song cover of the best "snacks album" spun up has.
to see JUJU on 10/10/2016 at Tokyo's national Yoyogi Stadium 1st gymnasium live "- Juju en-special - snack JUJU" held.
Juju won the fans sing the songs started to 4/2008 on the popular live performed 18 song album this time titled "the world's largest snack" to resemble a snack, captivated by 12000 people.
equipped with entrance, as well as stage mimics the gorgeous snack vending, concessions a couple sheets and MOM are a lot of "snack JUJU" such as seat of the production, and entertained the fans.
and 2017 "snack JUJU & #12316; Request & #12316 of the night;" The Nationwide Arena Tour 6 cities over 100000 people to mobilize, to celebrate the release "- Juju en-special - snack JUJU" decided to hold.
"snacks" JUJU "snacks and pop songs, the song became" as well talk about the origin can be said to get along without reserve.

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2017/7/1 (Sat) `2017/7/2 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
7/2 (Sunday) 16:00
* opened the show 60 minutes.

Ticket Fee

8888 yen (tax included) all seats reserved

[Please note] Ÿ ž Tickets Today collection ticketing service charge! Ÿ ž
š credit card only. 6/18/2017 (Sunday) 10:00 after do receive a ticket at
seven - eleven store cashier.
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customer information fields.
(reservation number and join us armories to pick 4 digits of the phone number that is required. ) not
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* phone book cannot be

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Be sure to Saitama Super arena


* Preschool children's stay & #12042; is not possible. (& #12073;, & #12131; need more tickets)

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