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Full contact! ~ Shofu juvenile and seven branch of camphor tree dormitory choir-


Performance content

"songs on the beaten and. '

still in one of the few private consignment juvenile correctional had sent to the facility in
"matsukaze boy Hospital No. 7 of camphor tree dorm'

there are nine boys, without hope for the future, fight and escape the discipline violation to repeat day after day.

residents complain constantly in danger of eviction was at a loss, the Director makes a choir in the boys participated in Music Festival, to improve the image and request a hefty man music instructors martial arts black belt instructor Bank. showed up on the appointed day, but
beauty extravaganza--boys
wandered away, I lost my place and hope for the future--boys willing to throw a spoon daily operations to handle the officials was a young female music teacher and Shinji detached beauty extravaganza--with such "matsukaze boy Hospital No. 7 of camphor tree dorm', a secret, here--.

they clash throughout the song, each other and walked up a little at a time,
"small, but ridiculously beautiful miracle ' previous , the story of"life Repechage" This is a .

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reception period: March 25, (Saturday) 10: 00 ~ March 30, (Thursday) 23:59 ?Lottery registration ends?
results announced: 3/31 (Friday) ?results email sent?
ticketing period:
-credit card: 4/4 (Tuesday) 10:00-picked up until the day of the performance for eleven settlements can be
: 3/31 (Friday) after winning notification-4/7 (Friday) 23:59

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Miyazawa also EMI / Hashimoto en / goto Kenji flow / Kazuo Omata / mountain? Ling Mao / ushiki Hiroshi / Cedar yamabuki rare / / Sakakibara, m. and Nakano chips / Yokogawa yuca / katsuragi asami / Nakano Yukari age child / Murakami historical high / Ishii Tadashi who WADA green t. Nanami Eiko / nakatsugawa ENA / Midorikawa m. / Toshiyuki Koichi / Yusuke Seto


Screenplay: hiruta Naomi / Director: Akira Fukushima


2017/5/3 (Wed) 〜2017/5/7 (Sun)

5/3 (Wed. / holiday) 19:00
5/4 (Thu-Mon) 14:00 / 19:00
5/5 (Fri / Mon) 14:00 / 19:00
5/6 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
5/7 (Sunday) 12:00 / 16:30

* opening, starting 30 minutes before is.
* 5/5 (Fri / Mon) is a recording of the camera is installed in. Please be forewarned.

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 6500 yen (tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


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* Preschool children are prohibited. Please be forewarned.

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