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NEW! We received comments from two "drums track' special supporters ANZEN comic!

big break in ANZEN manzai (Oh pop & Miyako dependancy) drums tracks have swept the
NY off Broadway 10th anniversary commemorative special supporters in the first inaugural, but!

Miyako dependancy comment
see who recently had nasty things to get beaten, fine, hope. I think events adults and children getting less, but this is the one, no doubt! "

Oh pop comments
' exceeded the grandson and grandfather generation who I want to. I think we bought one at a time "Djembe", I want to support! "received comments from

"drums track' 10th anniversary commemorative Ambassador AI!

<4/8 (Saturday) general sale!>
end after 60 minutes in the lobby drinking unlimited ticket & Tokyo Bay Cruise with ticket

Japan performed 10th anniversary!
hands-on! Participatory! That's it!
audience all this Djembe!

drums track 2017 spot video-30 s ver.

drums track 2017 spot video-15 s ver.

world's first hands-on drum entertainment
" Drums track "welcome welcome!

drum truck is the performing art of the traditional African djembe and percussions. Born in Johannesburg in South Africa, into show business for New York off Broadway in 2005, after Australia, China, etc. Attention big as a repertoire beyond the popularity of "Stomp", "Blue Man Group", the 18-month long performance has been achieved. jumps to
Theatre moment is placed the seat of all African drums. Audience of drums, one each is one of the characteristic "drums track' is provided, along with the actors who participate in the performance. so I don't think human skills, combined with songs from toned cast dressed in costumes

colored drum performance, though also a graceful dance, and shiny, strong and a sense of urgency and dynamism, the overwhelmed audience. It is surrounded by deliriously obsession even spectators were puzzled at first, picked up instruments unfamiliar

drum-bashing became enamored with, part of the cast, took part in this stage of fulfillment and well-being.

2008 ? 2016 summer concert is great success every day. Though ain't coming back with another popular theory fan!
Japan tour finally plunge to 10 years!
adrenaline self-indulgence, go deep within the cerebral look spectacular to stimulate drum trucks.

== == == == == ==================
š ™ to draw lines on š ™
reception period: 3/13 (Monday) 10: 00 ~ March 20, (may-Mon) 23: 59 ?Lottery reception end?
results announced: 3/22 (Wednesday) ?results email sent?
ticketing period:
-credit card: 3/26 (Sunday) 10:00-picked up until the day of the performance for eleven settlements can be
: 3/22 (Wednesday) after winning notification-3/26 (Sunday) 23:59

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2017/8/16 (Wed) `2017/8/27 (Sun)

8/16 (Wednesday) 18:30
8/17 (Thursday) 14:00 / 18:30 [
8/18 (Friday) 14:00 / 19:00 [
8/19 (Saturday) 13:00 / 16:30
8/20 (Sunday) 13:00 / 16:30 [
8/22 (Tuesday) 14:00 š
8/23 (Wednesday) 14:00 š
8/24 (Thursday) 14:00 / 18:30 [
8/25 (Friday) 14:00 / 19:00 [
8/26 (Saturday) 13:00 / 16:30
8/27 (Sunday) 13:00
* show time: 80 minutes (without a break)

the following tickets are general release (4/8 (Saturday) 10:00 ~) than would be accepted.
Ÿ after the concert 60 minutes in the lobby drink tickets performances
š Tokyo Bay Cruise with tickets for performances

* all seats targeting: 8300 pie, all seats (under 18 years): 5200 Yen is target all dates

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 8300 Yen
18: 5200 Yen
(tax included)

* please ticket sales begin (4/8 (Saturday) 10:00-) than will be accepted.
Ÿ drink: 8900 Yen
* over 20 years old will qualify. Please bring certificates can be age verified. Please lobby "free admission" to
* on the day after the concert. (all reservation seats / including tax)

š Tokyo Bay Cruise with: 8900 Yen with
š Tokyo Bay Cruise (18 years of age or less) and 5700 Yen
* after the departure will. 45-minute cruise and one drink included!
* cruise tickets on the day ago at horipro. pick-ups. (all reservation seats / including tax)

* all seats: 8300 pie, all seats (under 18 years): 5200 Yen is target
all dates
+ Ticketing Fee


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"Djembe classes by the cast! "
please email address requirements" subject name drums track GW Djembe classes, confetti, hours of participation desired, participants, email address "Please apply to 5/1, on the. Please note that the
number of applicants if the lottery.
participation details email sent to 5/2.

apply e-mail address

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