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Japan literature Theatre Vol.4 "Noh"kurozuka"than"
Kurozuka daughter


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4/10 (Monday) 19:00-day ticket sales commence! new drama series to pay respect to the

Japan literature "Japan literature Theatre".
is the source of its inspiration to modern literature to the world of the unseen.
"from legendary Adachi-GA Hara" mirror to modern man's heart from the origin of "kurozuka"
the unseen world, Kitamura thoughts Edition Intersec is born! popular series to announce

playwright Kitamura thoughts and CIS company, respect to the Japan literature's original drama "Japan literature Theatre'. I love Japan literature, as well as theatre fans cheer for change, has announced the 3 movies so far.
2013 No. 1 bullet performance goodbye, Dazai Osamu, by the year 2015 in "kusamakura" 2nd in Natsume Soseki, and 3rd in 2016 Xia kutsukake tokijir? rattle and was change, giant's popular theatre: feelings of Kitamura Shin Hasegawa "gambler's wandering Mono" motif, while there's also a tribute to the Japan film original drama. Temple-10 called the popular fairytale adults obsessed with that Kyun chest somewhere under the Director makes you feel nostalgia for Seigo it masterpiece skeleton while the sour and the freshness.
modern Japan literature and Kitamura desire their own stylistic fusion, has been presented the new play world series was planned initially, "complete with all three works by corrugated chitanda Yasunori" stood up to the assumption that this dramaturgical approach won the Theatre Award-winning acclaim and popularity. Fueled by the warm voice of the people, once again, from the 4th along with the actors on the new Japan literary theater and continuing the series, aiming higher.
This film would be a fresh start, the daughter kurozuka House is modern Japan literature was in the starting point until it flew beyond the requested to the world of gave chant unseen world into the world of the Muromachi period the creative motif, leaving.

~ ~ from the unseen world to Kitamura thoughts Edition Intersec ~ ~ resolution which allowed the representation of infinity in the stage space was stripped away
extreme world.
this daughter of kurozuka House is spinning combined with a light touch, takes inspiration from the song Kitamura thoughts hold respect and admiration in the world in terms of insight projected human sadness and horror "kurozuka".
this story is modern. Rub Rosary features a motif in "kurozuka" appeared "young beleaguered pastors' preach the teachings of the Bible, not itinerant priest to pray together. I strayed and went wandering journey, he had a broken heart from the reason Misty forest. And to spend the night in the House met in the back Woods of the enigmatic mother and daughter live.... To rest him before the door of the taboo of 'open is not'! appear blind to
it came after senior pastor.... Well, slept in the depths of a forest, no secret will....
cast is certainly acting in stage and film started, of course, the acclaimed Rio and Paralympics in a stunning report Buri Kazama Shunsuke, girl role in last year's CIS company performances "Arcadia" and quaint village presence always clean and supple, stage, drama and CM information show MC, and working extensively in the book series, the first goodbye Katsumi Takahashi would return since the four and eternal drama girl, Eriko Watanabe. Production is continued from the previous three films, Temple 10 my reelection. staffwork
respectively for outstanding acting ability and personality, boasting four actors and fulfilling the challenge to the new world. without any knowledge of the
"ability" or "biblical" 疎kute not worry us. Odd 々怪 various situations to be, somehow funny and unique world drifts supported by.... While wandering in the woods of the beautiful words soon expected the story toward the outside....
"Japan literary Theatre, 4th daughter of kurozuka House stay tuned.

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Kazama Shunsuke and quaint village / Katsumi Takahashi and Eriko Watanabe


: Kitamura thoughts / direction: Temple-10 s.


2017/5/12 (Fri) 〜2017/6/11 (Sun)

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5/13 (Saturday) 18:30
5/15 (Monday) 14:30
5/17 (Wednesday) 18:30
5/18 (Thursday) 14:30 / 18:30
5/19 (Friday) 18:30
5/20 (Saturday) 18:30
5/22 (Monday) 14:30
5/24 (Wednesday) 18:30
5/25 (Thursday) 18:30
5/26 (Friday) 18:30
5/28 (Sunday) 14:30
5/29 (Monday) 14:30
6/1 (Thursday) 14:30 / 18:30
6/3 (Saturday) 14:30
6/7 (Wednesday) 18:30
6/8 (Thursday) 18:30

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