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ice and glazed
icy gloss and desire want to create sleek performing beautifully unique figure skating on ice, through performance and emotional expression, until now not like Japan culture though are trapped.
it also connects with various "edge" through ice glazed [en] sound, beyond the common sense of figure skating "plays" that challenge the will and plan carries the hopes. and

breaking Sara
", from" and is by people who tried to live freely without sticking to traditional beliefs and values, wearing a flashy, ostentatious clothing in the northern and Southern dynasties, the spirit is "lean" that leads to the spirit of Kabuki. "Sarah" is wood white double consonant to the Parinibbana of the Buddha, and the classical "even more" chaste, new meaning; "new" by "breaking Sara' in the title
work, spirit of Kabuki for the first time links and emptiness on the ice make the world has never seen anyone break more Kabuki to make Inno.

this story whey only when in the fantasy goddess emerged, bathed in light, showing the boy. In the story of dream boy world fight Kabuki of good and evil characters, set in Japan in the age of Mythology.
the far past. The age of the gods. From the heavens this earth to heaven ninigi (ninigi) went down the falls in love with tree Hwagae Yama Hime (connohanasakuyahime). Jealous the two trees Hwagae Maya Princess elder sister, Princess Iwanaga (ivanagahime) invokes a Niki positive bounce in the big bad world of Kabuki (nikkidanjou), confine ninigi and wood Hwagae Maya Princess in the land of darkness. Called to help them defeat the evil servant of ninigi saruda Gen (Sarutahiko) is in the world of Kabuki, and history of the Japan hero Minamoto no Yoshitsune (minamotonoyocizune). Minamoto no Yoshitsune is thought not appear, leave the world of the Kabuki tale who Shizuka gozen (sizzcagozen). And the gods of the world stage, Yoshitsune and the Kabuki that Niki good and evil characters. in all-new entertainment by one in Kabuki and figure skating in the fight, not to stand on the same stage in the
Kabuki world of good and evil characters, jumping lightly and even age of entirely new Kabuki works produced for the first time.

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Niki positive bounce: somegoro Ichikawa and Yoshitsune Minamoto? bridge Daisuke / goddess: Arakawa Shizuka kouhime / Iwanaga: Ichikawa emiya / Sawamura, associate / big 谷廣 taro / Nakamura of kikaku Park.jpg / Shizuka gozen: Akiko Suzuki / ninigi: nobunari ODA / wood Hwagae Maya Princess: Mai Asada / music: DRUM TAO



2017/5/20 (Sat) 〜2017/5/22 (Mon)

[Two performances each day]
5/20 (Saturday) 12:00 / 17:00
5/21 (Sunday) 12:00 / 17:00
5/22 (Monday) 13:30 / 18:30

* opening is the show 60 minutes.

Ticket Fee

arrival only! S stand: 16000 Yen-> confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! )

+ Ticketing Fee


National Yoyogi Stadium 1st gymnasium


* 3 years of age are not allowed. 3 years or older is required for admission.
* convenience makes suddenly changing cast members.

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