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★ radio decision! ★ rains was jealous
(Yuki Amami)
12 tons! Musical "singin' in the rain" published shortly before SP
3/4 (Saturday) 3:30 PM from the TBS broadcast in!

history strongest then special schedule for best musical entertainment Japan!
that euphoria again, captivated audiences in
original cast recording "singin' in the rain" again to Japan!

everyone is humming melodies-SINGIN ' IN THE RAIN ~!.
Gene Kelly singing in the rain and dance musical movie classic will be captivated "singin' in the rain', no matter how many people do?
musical "singin' in the rain' is Hollywood movies from silent to talkies and evolution changing era, aiming for Broadway writer and actor success stories and filmmakers behind the scenes depicting in a comedy.
story fun Besides, Don played Gene Kelly dance was the highlight. Broadway musicals as "singin' in the rain', and then around the world repeatedly as a stage musical produced, long has been loved across.
then is no exaggeration to say definitive in London's West end in 2012 is "singin' in the rain' was born. special appearance original West end cast Adam Cooper in the Japan version of this edition from London with the soil gave birth to musical masterpieces such as
"Les Miserables" and "Phantom of the Opera" and "cats", "happy to all people around the world" motto was born in the 21st century, fall of 2014. And attracts audiences of all the theatres in happy.
then the spring of 2017, in response to the voice of the Encore again Japan performance delivers! Moreover, Adam Cooper first main cast UK original cast and lavish productions that! They gathered again for Japan performances only! Cannot be reproduced performances in London, Palace Theatre, just watch in Japan, very luxurious "singin' in the rain' is born!

Japan delivers
Japan Edition special performances on "singin' in the rain"!

Adam Cooper has stirred up a storm in Matthew Bourne's "Swan Lake" (in the film "Billy Elliot") 10 years. Super dancer, musical star and long performances of 'singin' in the rain"from the 2/2012 heights. Show success Buri packed every day at London's prestigious Theatre, Palace Theatre, United Kingdom releases five star turned Buri was the most successful, winning great reputation attracted me.
dance accompanied by singing and played is not exaggeration to say Don role than first played the "singin' in the rain" from works 50 years, Gene Kelly, was born.

now, the raw stage "singin' in the rain" of that era can embody the witness is none other than Adam. Many of his overwhelming charm and brilliant step that actually we realize by seeing with our own eyes, how wonderful it is.

rain on a stage hit song "SINGIN ' IN THE RAIN ~! ' try imagining it unfurls on Adam's song-and-dance take a look at. Would be very happy. It rains so much in there?.
love and courage, tears and laughter. It is a gem encrusted chock full all the treasure to the entertainment show opening. Who came from the station to the theater wet on rainy days or on the way back to rain will surely hit want to be that there's no doubt.

Japan tour is a one-month limited performances. Able to see this concert in Japan compared to the spectator of London, a few people just limited. No, Miss.
Adam Cooper in "singin' in the rain' is seen as Japan's so!

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Adam Cooper and others


Director: Jonathan-Church / choreography: Andrew Wright


2017/4/3 (Mon) 〜2017/4/30 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
4/7 (Friday) 18:30
4/14 (Friday) 18:30
4/21 (Friday) 18:30
each six total 18 people
* doors open starting 45 minutes before
* English performance / Japan language subtitles and

Ticket Fee

18 only! a: 11000 Yen-> confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! ) and 300 P get!
+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyu Theatre ORB


* First floor front seat rendition on the clothes etc to spray may take.
Please note.
* preschool children are prohibited. performed the purchased ticket is scheduled to visit customers in a
* commercial resale ban
* wheelchair prior to contact to the Parco stage information (Tel:03-3477-5858).
* may change due to unavoidable circumstances performers.

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