Hibiki music
-Solo! Solo! Duo! 〜
Matsuura Nana x song sum NET duo concert

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Performance content

The first part will be listening each solo.
part II is a good duo.
to the fantasy world...

Matsuura Nana people (violin)
J. S. Bach sonata for violin No. 1, g minor BWV 1001

song sum NET (piano)
L. v. Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 8 in c minor, Op.13 "Pathetique"

"Duo "
Schubert Fantasia c-dur Op. 159, D. 934

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Matsuura Nana (violin) and Sung k. NET (piano)


Hibiki music


2017/9/18 (Mon)


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1000 yen discount! 3500 Yen-> confetti seats 2500 Yen!
¥ 200 discount! 3500 Yen-> confetti seat 3300 Yen! (tax included)
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Organizations Overview

Matsuura Nana (violin)

start the violin from the age of 7. Toho Gakuen School of cast debut concert by graduation, sponsored by the Yomiuri Shimbun in Toho girls high school music Department through.
No. 51 times all Japan student music competition Osaka tournament junior high school Division No. 1.
No. 54 times all Japan student music competition Tokyo tournament High School Division No. 3.
No. 15 times Takarazuka Vega music competition instruments 1st prize.
violin educationalist, Messrs. Chihiro Kudo, Koichiro Harada studied Tokunaga second son, M?ri Earl t. Messrs. Chamber.
during my college years and mainly for solo, Chamber music, attending the Juilliard School Q, Q Vermeer, Shanghai Q, Bartok Q, Mr. Gunther Pichler each a number of master classes including the Tokyo String Quartet.
in 2007 as a Quartet Nats played with Thomas Zehetmair QUARTETT and Suntory Hall, play a debut as first violin of the legacy Quartet at JT art Hall in 2009.
so far "Project Q" Chapter 1-Chapter 4 JT art Hall Chamber music series, Kamakura SOLISTEN ensemble, Orchestra Map ' s, (goods) regional creative public hall music activated outreach Forum, Miyazaki Festival, NHK-FM "recital-Nova" performed.
from 8/2011 up to 3/2015 Japan century Assistant-concertmistress through the 4/2015 to the National Symphony Orchestra concertmaster he became.
official site Nana-VN.com * * * * *
song sum NET (piano)

Kyoto City Kyoto Horikawa music after high school graduation, in September than Paris national regional music Academy to study abroad. Sound music Academy of piano Department of high school with the jury unanimously first prize, first prize graduated from the same music school of piano, best course completed. Get the music advanced research qualification.
piano Claudio Soares, Kaoru SATO, Sako, y., Bruno, right, Olivier Gardone, Chamber music in the Ysa?e Quartet Miguel da Silva studied and also taught in Regis Pasquier said.
Leopold, belum international music competition-1st prize, Claude Khan International pianoconcourspianosolo departments, Duet 1st prize, European-Picardy music competition-1st prize domestic and international awards. concert by
France exchanges 150th anniversary commemorative project duo recital in France Korea Embassy sponsored by young musicians, in 2012 at the Izumi Hall appeared in Japan Federation of musicians and cultural agency recital, playing monkey Govou and Paris Theatre, Church, held a recital in Paris, Osaka. Elysium Orchestra concert soloist she played Mozart's Concerto No. 24. In 2008 formed a piano duo with his sister and Kazue, Hankyu electric railway series sponsored by Magnolia Salon concert, NHK-FM recital, Nova, etc. Besides doing performances, played with orchestra members and the 2012 Kyoto France Music Academy with Regis and Mr. Pasquier, Sylvie Gareau said: the seminar official accompanist as many widely engaged in teaching.


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