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Ballet "Giselle"


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a simple village girl way, pure love, to love from the frenzy quietly accept
is a masterpiece one of the most romantic Ballet, which premiered in Paris in 1841. Sergeev version of the Mariinsky Ballet (former Kirov Ballet) presented in 1998 at the new national theatre, since as a popular repertoire piece gained a replay. It is a work strongly reflects the trend of the age of romanticism of sense about the evocation of supernatural, immortal love, body and spirit at that time. The essence of the Romantic ballet Pointe work does not feel the weight call de ballet dancer Giselle role confusion until a na?ve village girl Gisele from the betrayal of love unto death scene in dramatic expression in Act 2 by utilizing an unseen scenes, European capital of culture.

middle ages and around rural areas of Germany, the grapes become weighed down. Village girl likes to dance Giselle has a single-minded love farmer Lois. However, Gisele will never named Lois and identification are untrue, nobleman Albert the Earl is the true spirit.

harmonious aspects of the two, Giselle in love not Woods-Hans drawn suspicion turn smart Lois demeanor, jealous. Also worried was a sickly daughter Giselle's mother. Princess daughter of the Duke to the village we stopped by

hunt for bathilde, Giselle confesses shyly "I have a fiance who is" the adorable Giselle words. amid the

grape harvest festival, Hans accused Lois ' identity. Lois suddenly look as noble, respectful kissed in the hands of bathilde. It's two people were engaged. Gisele break hearts so shocked. She would kotoุrete at the end of confusion. Willi was led by

midnight Woods, Mirta Queen coming up from the grave. It's dance and spirit Willi maidens who died ago the marriage until young men to die. Willi caught Alberto was tormented by

regret, came to visit the graves. Typewritten Gisele just accepted into Willi is putting himself out to defend him, but Mirta invites Alberto the dancing. Followed by the dance of death by Alberto and Giselle nowhere Kimble. I heard seemed to be Alberto's stamina ran out and at that moment, the dawn Bell. Willi who must be returned to the grave. lives of those who love

defense cut, Gisele in the light of the morning was to fade away quietly.

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Gisele: YUI Yonezawa, Ono Ayako Kimura, Yuri and [Alberto]: izawa, Shun, Fukuoka yudai, Watanabe Takashi IKU


Music: Adolphe Adam and choreography: Jean korali, Jules Perrot, Marius Petipa / revised choreography: Constantine Sergeev / script: Theophile Gauthier, ver now, Saint-Georges, Jean-korali / conductor: Aleksei dedek?y / Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra


2017/6/24 (Sat) `2017/7/1 (Sat)

6/24 (Saturday) 13:00 ™ Gisele: YUI Yonezawa Alberto izawa Shun
6/24 (Saturday) 18:00 Giselle: Ayako Ono Alberto: Fukuoka Grand
6/25 (Sunday) 14:00 ™ Gisele: Kimura, Yuri Albert: Watanabe Takashi IKU
6/26 (Monday) 14:00 ?additional? Gisele: Kimura, Yuri Albert Watanabe Takashi IKU
6/30 (Friday) 19:00 Giselle: Ayako Ono Alberto: Fukuoka majestic
7/1 (Saturday) 14:00 ™ Gisele: YUI Yonezawa Alberto izawa Shun

! childcare services available-friendly
approximate running time: approximately 2 hours 15 minutes (including break)
doors open 45 minutes before start of is. Starting after admission may be limited.
* 6/26 (Monday) part, floors 2-4 into school groups scheduled on the first floor, on the first floor's seat-only sales is for.

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S seat: 10800 Yen junior: 8640 Yen
a: General: 8640 Yen junior: 6912 Yen
b: General: JPY 6480 Jr.: 5184 Yen
seats in General: 4320 Yen junior: 3456 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

* junior discount
[for] more than 4-year-old junior high school students or under
You may verify age upon admission.
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* Please do not accompanied by children under 4 years old are admitted. Ask one single ticket children.
* walls, balusters, with part of the upper floor, the balcony seats stage is difficult to see. Please note that.
* canceled unless ticket changes and refunds are not.
* there are performers subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please be forewarned.

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