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3/12 (Sunday) 10:00-General on sale!

world premiere! Premium watch
Orchestra of the
Emma-Watson starring movie beauty and the beast, with live music performances!

world premiere! Movies in theaters with a full Symphony Orchestra experience
movie beauty and the beast live orchestra is flamboyant and emotional music that Disney Animation with great visual beauty with the live-action adaptation from all over the world high expectations work Conductor Nicholas back in, shine Oke * to play Synchro fidelity soundtrack Orchestra Tokyo Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, huge screens projected footage to fit in the screen. Japan and world premiere, also held in the movies in theaters is the world's first. It is a new movie experience available
Emma Watson with Live orchestras played.

around the world loved Disney beauty and the beast songs + new song 3 songs, play
powers not only is published in the United States in 1991, Disney beauty and the beast as an animated film history first time Academy Award nominated the rise Award nominee 3 songs at the same time, the music was appreciated. Including the Oscar-winning song "beauty and the beast /Beauty and the Beast", "morning landscape /Belle" song suite now /Be dinner Our Guest's alone and loved around the world. Joined 3 new songs and contains all the musical numbers appeared in the animated version, after 26 years of live-action film is a big attraction. Sheena
Disney Music Maestro Alan Menken musical is just the story gives a deep, beautiful, emotional issues.

[Japan-language subtitles and English screenings]

? shine Oke's concert with
"big-screen film showing X Orchestra live music" by delivering a new style. Film dialogue or sound effects played Orchestra Music in the movie,. Amplify the immersive power of music and video is the psychological patterns of memorable scenes and characters even more clearly strike a chord. Built on fan popularity in Europe and the United States staged classic gems such as "West side story", "Godfather" "E.t." Indiana Jones and back to the future "Titanic" 'nightmare before Christmas' Alice in Wonderland 'Harry Potter' series in Japan, over performances.
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Conductor: Nicholas back / Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra


<Creator> music: Alan Menken


2017/4/29 (Sat) 〜2017/4/30 (Sun)

4/29 (Saturday and holidays) 13:00
4/29 (Saturday and holidays) 18:00
4/30 (Sunday) 11:00
4/30 (Sunday) 16:00

* doors open 60 minutes of the concert's

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Tokyo International Forum Hall A


* Non-admission of guests under 3 years old.
* per person one ticket is required.
* wheelchair passengers, please contact Kyodo Tokyo (0570-550-799).

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