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Once the new album will be released next year, followed by 2015, tour concerts in Tokyo and Osaka with Tokyo three times.
last Christmas Tour may also discover different. Please enjoy it!

-and 'Rivera'?
"around the world, the vain, beautiful singing voice" and boys soprano group called "Libera". won first place in charts around the world once Rivera was formed in London,
UK, with beautiful clear up where the world fascinate, to release the album, and the United States, the United Kingdom.
Japan at Universal Studios Japan & # 174; Gained a lot of attention (USJ) as well as for CM insert song and movie theme songs, such as.

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Chorus: Rivera



2017/5/29 (Mon) `2017/5/30 (Tue)

5/29 (Monday) 19:00
5/30 (Tuesday) 19:00
* opening is the start 30 minutes earlier.

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Bunkamura Orchard Hall


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