Ginza jujiya harp & flute Salon
Sasha Bordachev Japan tour 2016 (Tokyo)

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 Sasha Bordachev Russia was born in the Prince of the harp world is finally themselves determined by the first Japan tour to Japan in December. All of the qualities in 3 cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, finally took off the veil, recognising that the future to accessorize. Young, already outstanding technical skill, not to mention years old have sweet mask, music composer and arranger ne as the charms Harper played the concept of harp ever overturned is inevitable. In addition, jerf lagoons X 7 years ago as a violin master & name search led by the renowned professor of Zakhar Bron, by working as an orchestra Zakhar Bron Chamber Orchestra harpist. Alexey Semenenko, Orchestra colleagues, Europe, United States, already be featured as an up and coming violinist Germany musicians Federation stradeghestovarius loan, line up for the Japan debut of Sasha. Say you can experience the best quality best sounding name Studio Salvi Harps in Italy and Stradivarius stringed instruments of music in a way guaranteed. Without fans, just say that must-see concert tour.

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Sasha Bordachev (harp) and Alexey Semenenko (violin)


At Ginza jujiya


2016/12/16 (Fri)

12/14 (Wednesday) 19:00

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All seats free (Adv): 5000 yen (tax included)

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JT art Hall affinis


Organizations Overview

In the Ginza-Chuo Street is the harp specialty stores this year celebrated the anniversary of 142.


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