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Leaves concert-concert in summer (part 3)
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"Young soloist of the two noble sounding"
W. A. Mozart
Violin Concerto No. 5-Lee in K. 219 (Vn solo: Willow Symphony Orchestra Li)
Flute Concerto No. 2-d-dur K.314(Fl solo: Sho Chiku)
Symphony No. 40-g minor K. 550

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VN solo: Willow Symphony Orchestra Li (AC Orchestra member) / Fl solo: Sho Chiku (PAC Orchestra member) / Orchestra: Orchestra hibikimusiccember


Hibiki music


2017/7/2 (Sun)


Ticket Fee

¥ 200 discount! 3000 Yen-> confetti seats 2800! (tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Shin-Osaka mutamatsu Recital Hall


Organizations Overview

Hibiki music Chamber Orchestra, string ensemble, the Hibiki music.

2000 an Sambal leaves a String Quartet as well as various activities as a small ensemble, but launched a little big string ensemble once again in 2011.

in addition, 2013, no. 4 annual concert is "Kansai classic more energetically and brighter! "The concept that we have played in the Orchestra for the first time.

concert of classical music is why we are sill and one many people closer to Roe, but we could provide the sophisticated music played in.

then, refinements have been trained under the motto could approach the music from every angle, as long as you can carefully analyzes each song played.

musician each for even concert is a place of self expression is important. We hope that become big sound bunch, the direction which cuddled while respecting the individuality and warm with one mind.

we welcome two young soloists, will be delivered in all-Mozart program.


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