Small secrets of Warren Littlefield

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treasure, Seigow Warren Littlefield.
classics comic story in vivid and vibrant characters funny blot is the high seat of love, cool, and a pillow.
recent safely sitting high return with little special gift with family Sanji nurses.
small Warren Littlefield master storyteller, usually with a little different of "fun" that kicks off the "small secrets of Warren Littlefield" took part.

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Seigow Warren Littlefield / soldering Jig / fukuji / yan road / Willow poultry chanter / 1 Koto / 33 / three Associate / small 8



2017/11/29 (Wed)

11/29 (Wednesday) 18:30
* opening is the start 30 minutes before.

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Shinjuku Cultural Center main hall


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