Celebrated 30th anniversary of scarlet national music school 15 works played meeting "meet trumpet and double bass.

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Scarlet public school this year celebrates its 30th anniversary. On average, once in two years, has held a concert. 15 this is the double bass with a low and deep sound and trumpet with softness and shine, sokabe kiyonori's trumpet, bass help Akutagawa's welcome and enjoy. for

Hagi Kyoko composed bass-solo DANCE OF ACCORDANCE and DISCORDANCE
Terashima rikuya composing "M... to of tribute."  For trumpet, double bass and piano (new release)
Hagi Kyoko composed trumpet and double bass for "summer flowers" (new release)
Yoshikawa Kazuo composer antiphony VII (new release)
Hayashi, Hikaru music Fantasy Sonata for the song of the Alder double bass and piano

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Trumpet: Sogabe Qing Scripture / contrabass: Associate's piano rikuya Terashima



2017/11/6 (Mon)

11/6 (Monday) 19:00
* opening is the start 30 minutes earlier.

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General: 4000 Yen
students: 3000 Yen ※ required certificates
(all seats reserved, tax incl.)
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Sumida triphony Hall


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