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when is the end of Edo period. Kyoto in the Mibu warriors living pairs (later on, Shinsengumi) was born.
royalism expulsion of foreigners winds are blowing in the crackdown of insubordination warriors was in main mission.
formed over country name of the ikedaya jiken he draw this film. Serizawa Kamo,

Kondo isami and Hijikata Okita Soji, 3. drawn from the perspective of each
four stories.

ambitions of isami Kondo and Serizawa Kamo regrets dawn-chapter,
"Hijikata melancholy of" "Okita Soji's true love" evening-show
all 4 episodes as a chapter.

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Kanegae Kou and Tanaka, t. and Tabuchi Noriaki / Yamamoto Seiichi, and Naoya Ishida tsuchikura with Takashi Aoki Takeshi / Kuroda yousuke / pond, on asked me, / nakauchi Campanella's blessing Minette / Arai m. / Yamamoto Takeshi / doyitaiji / Matsuda Mt. / other


Screenplay, directing, lighting: Masahito Otsuka


2017/12/15 (Fri) `2017/12/23 (Sat)

* Confetti handling performance
12/15 (Friday) 19:00
12/16 (Saturday) 12:00 / 17:00
12/17 (Sunday) 12:00 / 17:00
12/19 (Tuesday) 19:00
12/20 (Wednesday) 14:00 š / 19:00
12/21 (Thursday) 19:00
12/22 (Friday) 18:00 š
12/23 (sat-Mon) 11:00 / 16:00

Dawn-chapter : ambitions of isami Kondo and Serizawa Kamo regrets
evening-: "Hijikata melancholy of" "Okita's love'
š : round and is
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* 12/21 (Thursday) 15:00-the no of BSP event handling.

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