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Frank-furter: Arata Furuta / Brad: Teppei Koike / riffraff: ISSA / Janet: Sonim / magenta: Aya Kamiki / Colombia: of Chan (Queen Bee) / Rocky: Yoshida metal / phantom [Tokyo geggy]: BOW, MARIE, YUYU, MIKU and Eddie and Dr. Scott: Shinji Takeda / Narrator: ROLLY, etc.


Screenwriter, lyricist, composer: Richard O'Brien and Director: Kawahara Masahiko / subs / music supervisor: ROLLY / choreography: Maki Munetaka (MIKEY from Tokyo geggy)


2017/11/7 (Tue) 〜2017/11/12 (Sun)

* Instruction for performing
11/7 (Tuesday) 19:00
11/8 (Wednesday) 19:00
11/9 (Thursday) 19:00
11/10 (Friday) 19:00
11/11 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00

* doors open 60 minutes of the concert is.

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 11000 yen (tax included)

[Please note]
★ credit card only. 10/14 (Saturday) 10:00 since tickets be received at
seven - eleven store cashier.
★ ticket receipt time to seat number I don't know. Please be forewarned.
* phone book cannot be

+ Ticketing Fee


ZEPP blue Theater Roppongi


* In preschool-age children admission non-
* commercial resale ban

* wheelchair visitors going to
wheelchairs, is scheduled to visit customers advance your theater tickets (tickets) on the seat numbers for Sunrise promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337 (all, 10:00-18:00) to contact us at your earliest convenience. (Is your theater the day before)
please play day, staff will be escorted to the wheelchair space. Can you please play in your seat for a wheelchair space is limited, please purchase. Please be forewarned.
Please note, regarding the availability of wheelchair space, Sunrise promotion Tokyo we offer so please contact us prior to ticket purchase.

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