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life of light and darkness, lies and true to OGS draws realistic, psychological drama masterpieces!
once again take courage, go to great lengths to "cheers"----.

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Ken-ichi Kato / Keiko Takeshita and Asano, Masahiro (literary spot) / forest: trees (P company) / Terada-Minami Kazuhiro yamaji (Youth Theatre) and Shinya Owada


Director: Yuji Matsumoto / by: Clifford Odets and translation: odashima, odashima Noriko


2017/8/30 (Wed) `2017/9/10 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
8/30 (Wednesday) 19:00
9/1 (Friday) 14:00
9/2 (Saturday) 18:00

* opening, starting 30 minutes before is.

Ticket Fee

sold out! ADV: 5400 Yen-> 4400 Yen! and 100 P get!
+ Ticketing Fee


Under Kitazawa Honda theater


š wheelchair passengers, customers with disabled legs š elevator (lift) and
you can use the. Book please contact us-Theatre (03-3468-0030).
-wheelchair customers purchase ago your theater seat number
Kato k. Please inform the Office (03-3557-0789).
-book-Theater does not have a toilet. Please be forewarned.

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