Inoue positive water concert 2017 fall "Good Luck!"

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Y?sui Inoue



2017/10/3 (Tue)

10/3 (Tuesday) 18:30 (open 18:00)

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All seats reserved: 8640 yen (tax included)

Ÿ ž Tickets Today collection <. font color="blue"> ticketing service charge!
š credit card only. In the customer information fields "seven - eleven ticket" or "Tickets Today issued" choice,
9/9 should receive the ticket in (Saturday) 10:00 after the selected delivery method. If you select
-"Tickets Today issued" upon ticket collection is registered reservation number and join us under the telephone number is 4 digits, credit card or proof of identification is required.
and cannot be changed after booking your way. TicketToday store every hours here please check . seat numbers are not known until the
š ticket receipt time. Please be forewarned.
* phone book cannot be

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Omiya Sonic City Hall


* Admission for preschool aged children.

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