Senzoku Gakuen Music University 50th anniversary
Hirahara Makoto Hirahara ayaka concert with

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senzoku Gakuen Music University Foundation 50th anniversary Memorial plain ayaka with plain Makoto
senzoku Gakuen Maeda in concert hall!

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Noritake Yuji Hirahara ayaka / Hirahara Makoto / Dr.: / Bass.: Okada Jiro / Pf.: Seta SOTA



2017/11/26 (Sun)

11/26 (Sunday) 16:00
* opening is the start 30 minutes before.

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All seats reserved: 6800 yen (tax included)

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8/26 (Saturday) 10:00- performances on the day before the
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-"Tickets Today issued" upon ticket collection is registered reservation number and join us under the telephone number is 4 digits, credit card or proof of identification is required.
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Senzoku Gakuen Maeda Hall


* Preschool children admitted to refrain.

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