New Liebestod-love death and repertoire "Painted Desert"

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of Minoru Kanamori Noism leading the most recent made
x Noism2 exclusive choreographer / Yamada courage's masterpiece! performances in the early summer of

Noism1 is a double feature new and Repertory. new
Kanamori Minoru's Wagner Tristan und Isolde
prelude and finale by creating man and woman duo.
at the same stage is the "Painted Desert" by a Noism2 exclusive choreographer as vigorously works
announcement followed came Yamada courage.
2 person choreographed Director back to the roots of each double bill.

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1. "Painted Desert": Nakagawa Kenji, Ishihara Yuko, Ikegaya continuo, Lin Shiping, shallow Yuki Kato, Chang Shang-Yu, Sakata, t., imoto stars Shinomiya (associate member) / 2. " Liebestod-the death of love ": ISEKI, Sawako, Gil? Yuya


1. "Painted Desert" directing choreography: Yamada courage / 2. " Liebestod--love death "Director-choreographer: Minoru Kanamori / 2." Liebestod--the death of love "music: R... Wagner ("Tristan und Isolde"Prelude & Liebestod)


2017/6/2 (Fri) 〜2017/6/4 (Sun)

6/2 (Friday) 19:00
6/3 (Saturday) 17:00
6/4 (Sunday) 15:00
* doors will start 30 minutes before

Ticket Fee

only 16 members! General 5500 Yen-> 4500 Yen and 100 P get!

+ Ticketing Fee


Saino-kuni Saitama art theater


6/2 (Friday) 19:00
6/3 (Saturday) 17:00
6/4 (Sunday) 15:00
each 4-8 Pax 16

* preschool children please refrain.
* start time too and not admitted for a while or
please one to not be seated. Please note that.

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