Welcome to the world of children's books children's 2017 of of Nakai t., with adults and children if


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Nakai, Satoshi's article was published in the "Nikkei DUAL'!
"Nakai, Satoshi, storytelling activities 19 year one book started"

T. Nakai, President, since the program began in 1998
unique story with live music and plenty of large-sized picture show
kindergarten, elementary school and children's wards, already boasting more than 1,200 performances for adults and children if society special events have been decided.

this time as a special encore "chiika CHAN's kageokuri" and "is safe durable" of decided to stage two works.
This 2 piece is a piece we gave a lot of you saying "you want to see it again". depicting the importance of the misery of the
war and peace "chiika CHAN's kageokuri" (Akane Shobo), long being read by lots of people local when kimiko's masterpiece is.
grandfather and grandson of boy's story "is safe durable" itou Hiroshi (Kodansha) is a member of a far-TONE sound guitar soyama Ryoichi welcomed from Sapporo, the quirky and always different special Painton in version. Please enjoy the world of
large-sized picture books and books of readings and music, we. testrun if
adults and children for the society's table Nakai t.,

see chiika CHAN's kageokuri "local when only cropping (Akane Shobo)

-break 15 minutes ~

" Far-TONE sound mini "
' is safe durable" itou Hiroshi works (published by Kodansha)

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Readings: Takahiro Nakai, piano: Yasuko Arai, takatsuki truth child / shakuhachi: Mitsuzuka Koko production yukihiko (far-TONE tone) / guitar: soyama good one (far-TONE sounds) and Koto: Naoko Ono (far-TONE tone)


Large-sized picture book creation: Seino Tomoyuki kayoko, Zong Kei's child / lighting: Etsuko Kato


2017/7/1 (Sat)

7/1 (Saturday) [A concert] 14:00 (doors open: 13:30)
7/1 (Saturday) [B performance: 17:00 (doors open at: 16:30)

Ticket Fee

3000 yen for adults:
children (ages): 1500 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

* under 3 years of age free child per adult person will be. Please, in the lap of the parent or guardian is not available
seats in.

+ Ticketing Fee


Square EBARA Hiratsuka Hall


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