Performing "the Prince of the Kingdom of dreams and sleep 100 people-Prince Theater-"

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' dream 100 ' finally stage!
stage "the Prince of the Kingdom of dreams and sleep 100 people-Prince Theater-" schedule at
AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo!

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Tiger: Ozawa yum / Lido: Takasaki Shota Shota / Sai: yuto Adachi / Mad Hatter hinomisaki, South-West of people and capitalism: Toshiyuki Koichi / hearts: Kobayashi-Ryu / Cheshire Cat: iiyama Yuta / Marcia: Uesugi t. / Chrono: ์‹๗ beauty, and Dormouse: takane Masaki / Frost: Yoshioka Keisuke / glacier: Takahashi Rio / sunny: mountains, Shota


Story: gcrest "Prince of the Kingdom of dreams and sleep 100 people" and written and directed: under increasingly want and


2017/7/21 (Fri) `2017/7/25 (Tue)

7/21 (Friday) 19:00 ›
7/22 (Saturday) 12:00 Ÿ / 17:00 ›
7/23 (Sunday) 12:00 › / 17:00 [
7/24 (Monday) 14:00 Ÿ / 19:00 ›
7/25 (Tuesday) 11:30 › / 16:30 [Sun ending

›: Ÿ: month ending
* Sun ending months ending both performances presents original Theatre guests!

Ticket Fee

General seating: 6800 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

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AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo


* Preschool children will be disabled

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