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Dietrich Henschel Bali t recital

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[Program] also sunk in sorrow, joy
Beethoven /
new love, new life (six songs works 75-2),
sadness (three songs work 83-1),
joy to (music piece to the tragedy of Goethe, Egmont. 84-4 No. 2),
Cambridge works 46, much of a lover to do works 98
Schumann / poet in love with 48

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Dietrich Henschel (baritone) / Shinya okahara (piano)


Organizer: Japan economic newspaper / sponsored by: Fujitsu Limited


2017/9/13 (Wed)

9/13 (Wednesday) 18:30
* show time 2 hours

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All seats are reserved seating (General): 3800 yen (tax included)

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Nikkei Hall


Organizations Overview

-Germany REIT Orthodox spin, Schumann, Beethoven's love and sorrow-piano=okahara s.
masters Fischer-Dieskau's successor, a wide range of Opera, original, contemporary music performing name baritone, Dietrich Henschel. Loud and sleek dramatic sings Germany REIT masterpiece. Recollections to the love of his life, Beethoven and Schumann sing to the romantic days of love and heartbreak, youth "dichterliebe" "distant lover to do", such as art inspirational words and music in a world of rising expectations.

di-trichy Henschel (baritone) Dietrich Henschel:
1990 International Hugo-Wolf-first prize. At the Munich Biennale appeared at music festivals such as the Opera House, Lyon, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, Madrid, Geneva, Paris, Salzburg and Aix en Provence, Florence after her debut number. Worked with Harnoncourt, Gardiner, Barenboim, Eschenbach, Mehta, Dohnanyi, Albrecht, rattle, thielemann, Kazushi Ono. High rating as the original singer, song and video projects with much publicity. Shinya Okahara

Shinya okahara (piano):
Tokyo Art University, Berlin University of the arts, the Munich Music College to learn. Active in various solo, Concerto, and chamber music. And produced by Dietrich Henschel's first tour of Japan in 1996 and 1997, the nationwide tour in 1999. Hermann prey, Stephan Koumura, Theo Adam, many singers and co-star. Kyoto Music Prize, Osaka Cultural Festival award, music critic Club Prize, 66 Cultural Affairs Arts Festival award. Osaka University music professor. Japan deutsceet Association.


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