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One anniversary Memorial Concert, Ninagawa Yukio NINAGAWA Macbeth

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His soul's masterpiece comes again! to
his eager world tour! And Japan makes triumphant return!
vividly revived in 17 years by 2015,
then in 2017, now once again the world confront. performances of"legendary"
the world only one achingly beautiful Macbeth
once the Ninagawa world sent the rush tour offers from overseas two years ago. Ninagawa fell ill in Hong Kong S.A.R. performance year on year fall, listening to the news the NINAGAWA Macbeth meets new global audiences wanted.
This performances is realized from each country play officials learned the sad news "rather than cancel the show, convey Director great footsteps in the Memorial Concert" desire by; Staged by the year 2015 the Macbeth role as Yuko Tanaka Ichimura Masachika, Lady Macbeth role. Ninagawa set the two performers, Ninagawa and staff who together created the era across the sea with the wishes of the Ninagawa in 2017. received numerous dissed in

practice, into the performances, the script, please sign "worked. Ninagawa Yukio "and he wrote me. I think behind his plays from this is Ninagawa's soul is near always. I can't go to overseas performances together in the NINAGAWA Macbeth's chagrin but Ninagawa soul holding this and hoping to get. It will feel pressure if Macbeth rather authentic London, I two-NA is about. I put the chest, hoping to get on! -Ichimura Masachika

NINAGAWA Macbeth rehearsal hall in Ninagawa's "mind. Because I will always be here. Watch from here ', said.
that rehearsals also reloads the practice, Ichimura, all under the head to replay in 2017. I have access to
enjoy England performances, along with the Ninagawa's challenge. --Tanaka Yuko

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reception period: April 8, (Saturday) 10: 00-April 12, (Wednesday) 23:59 "lottery was finished"
results announcements: 4/14 (Friday) "results email sent"
and ticketing period
eleven settlements: 4/14 (Friday) election results after notification-4/18 (Tuesday) 23:59
credit card payment: 4/18 (Tuesday) 10:00-can be received until the day of performances.

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Ichimura Masachika and Tanaka Yuko / Tsuji Wan long / Yuta Oishi transit / tetsur? / other


Director: Ninagawa Yukio / work: W. Shakespeare and translations: Hiroshi ODA odajima


2017/7/13 (Thu) 〜2017/7/29 (Sat)

7/13 (Thursday) 18:00
7/14 (Friday) 13:00
7/15 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
7/16 (Sunday) 13:00
7/17 (Mon. / holiday) 13:00
7/19 (Wednesday) 13:00
7/20 (Thursday) 13:00
7/21 (Friday) 13:00
7/22 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
7/23 (Sunday) 13:00
7/24 (Monday) 13:00
7/26 (Wednesday) 13:00 / 18:00
7/27 (Thursday) 13:00
7/28 (Friday) 13:00 / 18:00
7/29 (Saturday) 13:00

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S-seats: 12000 yen:
a: 9000 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

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