Goro Ito + Jaques MORELENBAUM

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who was fascinated by the Jobim is the desire or talk loud.
Brazil musicians and deep friendship with Bossa Nova guitarist,
Ito Goro and masters of Brazil Antonio Carlos Jobim and Ryuichi Sakamoto in
known cellist Jaques MORELENBAUM has
3 years played Buri! Exquisite combination reputation,
who is love Jobim. "RENDEZVOUSIN TOKYO" album put the
award Brazil disc award 2nd place in 2015.
Jobim's songs, including original and live a new life is born the new
ensemble improvisations, matched. Yamaha Hall resounds beautifully
sounds of guitar, cello and enjoy the blissful time.

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Guitars: ITO Goro / violoncello: Jaques MORELENBAUM and piano: 澤渡 k.



2017/5/20 (Sat)

5/20 (Saturday) 16:00 concert (open 15:30)

Ticket Fee

only eight! 5500 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)-> 4400 Yen and 200 P get!

+ Ticketing Fee


Yamaha Hall


5/20 (Saturday) 16: 00 8

* due to program participants, program changes may be. Please be forewarned. Please refrain from
* preschool children admitted.

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