Ishigami Inoue Ballet Academy
Ishigami Inoue Ballet Academy
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"Pas de Quatre"
music: Pune basic choreography: Dorin

music: Astor Piazzolla written and directed and choreographed: Verdi created and directed and choreographed: Keiko Yamazaki Yamazaki Keiko

four seasons

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Yoshikazu Yoshida city / Sakai rather / Nishida, Yuko / off incense Nako (Tokyo Ballet) / takagishi Naoki / Akimoto, Minister (Tokyo Ballet) and Asada / ikemoto, Makoto / hosono students (Maki asami bareye Orchestra) / tsuchihashi winter dream (NBA Ballet) / nagumo Kumi / Yamaguchi Reiko / Ando, pictures / SATO Sayaka / Kodama sea step / Yuka Izumi


Direction / choreography: Keiko Yamazaki


2017/7/4 (Tue)

7/4 (Tuesday) 18:30
* about 2 hours

Ticket Fee

S: (Adv): 10000 Yen
a: (Adv): 8000 Yen 6000 yen (tax included)
b: (Adv)
+ Ticketing Fee


Bunkyo civic Hall, main hall


Tickets are purchased on the following please.
? performers is planned for the current 3/6/2017. Performers might change due to unavoidable circumstances, such as illness or injury. Except for cancelled concerts, ticket changes and are not refundable.
? cannot be children of preschool-age children.
? make sure one ticket per person is required.

Organizations Overview

Is a group of ballet to preside over the founding tonosaki, Akira and Keiko Yamazaki, 1982. Conducts the performances of professional dancers with ballet education. 'Nutcracker, dolls' show classical works including all acts, "coppelia" all acts and creative work by Yamazaki Takashi "MICHINOKU", "four seasons", and "picture". Premiered the Ballet labyrinth in 2012. In 2014, the revived the Ballet labyrinth Miyako Yoshida as a special guest. Committed to outreach to the children not familiar to the National Ballet (school performance and school lectures) (Agency for Cultural Affairs 'children through art and culture development activities).


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